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Snow Removal

Commercial and Residential Plowing

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Lawn Care 

Commercial and Residential Lawn Service.

Tree Service

Commercial and Residential Tree Removal.

Project Pictures:

Deck Stain
Lawn Care


"I recently had your team come to my home to remove a tree and trim bushes around my property. The tree was removed safely and efficiently. It was very close to my house, and you were able to safely bring it down! I was very impressed with this. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and neighbors. I look forward to working together on future projects. Thanks."
Cicero, NY
"I have finally found a contractor that comes when he says and does the exact work we agreed upon. Our 80 homeowners in our development give me compliments every time he comes on the property. We are always looking for contractors that make the homeowners association board's job easier. PD Property Enhancements exceeds our expectations."
-Greg C.
Village Green Condo 6
Baldwinsville, NY
"Very reasonable and reliable plow service. I will look forward to continuing this winter. And lawn service is amazing this year will need you again next season. On time and keeps up with the grass on the wet weeks of summer.
THANKS a lot Paul for the wonderful service"
-Gage H.
Syracuse, NY
"We used Paul for snow plowing this year and he did a great job. We needed a tree removed in our yard that was causing some damage to our roof. He safely removed the tree. The whole experience was very professional from start to finish. We look forward to using him for our lawn mowing."
-Kathy W.
Liverpool, NY
"I was stuck in my driveway after the really big storm we got last week. Paul was driving by my house and saw me trying to get out. Without even asking if I needed help he plowed the end of my driveway and handed me a business card. After I told my husband what he had done for me we ended up calling him back and hiring him to do our driveway this year. Thank you so much for your help!"
-Jenna C.
N. Syracuse, NY

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