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Tips & Ideas

Check back here often for tips on how to enhance your outdoor space, project ideas and latest outdoor design trends. 


Buggin' Out- We all know the harm Ticks can do to your family or even pets. Check for them often-know what they look like. Even a simple backyard BBQ, you'll want to take the proper precautions. ALWAYS wear bug spray. Its not something we normally think about, so leave your repellent near outdoor spots you return to often. For example-near your fire pit, pool, back deck or patio. Make sure to check your pets every time they return from the outdoors. Ticks can easily attach to your pet's fur. Even though they are treated with prevention meds, pets can easily bring unwanted bugs into your home. A quick check of your pooch and kids is simple. Click here to follow these basic steps for unwanted pests. It's always a great idea to have your back yard sprayed for pests. There are many different options including pet safe alternatives. Find out here what program is best for you and your family.


Don't put away the marshmallows just yet- Fall is the perfect weather for a bonfire. Cool crisp air, chilly autumn evenings. With the winter weather just around the corner, fall is a great season to still spend time with your family outdoors. Throw a few logs in, grab a blanket and enjoy some warm apple cider around the fire with your loved ones. We specialize in many different design options with fire pits starting at $99. Click here for your free estimate.


Is it Summertime yet?-Hang in there, Winter isn't over. Central New York is known for having enormous amounts of snow fall. Record breaking temperatures are just enough to make us beg for nicer weather, and day-dream of warm sunny beaches. While we have all managed to keep our driveways clear of snow, we may forget the importance of making sure we remove the snow off our roof as well. The weight of snow on your roof can cause a lot of damage. Click here to learn about taking proper safety measures and to make sure you don't have any accidents this season. We specialize in snow and ice removal. Schedule your free estimate today.


Is finally here!- The wait is over. As we all know, Winter in CNY can feel very long. Spring is a time to start thinking about those new projects. The winter weather has done a toll on our yards. Although you are most likely day-dreaming of a new BBQ pit or infinity pool, it's a smart idea to make sure your property is safe first. Tree's can be one of the biggest hazards to your home. Here are 7 signs a tree may be about to fall. If you start to notice a tree in your yard cracking or roots lifting, its time to call a professional. Click here to schedule your free estimate.

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